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  • O'Connell East Architects

Project Focus: Arundel House, Coventry

Client: Watkin Jones & Sons Ltd

Completion: 2020

Arundel House is a student residential housing development located on Whitefriars Lane, Coventry and designed by O'Connell East Architects.

The part 13 and 17-storey buildings provide a total of 778 study bedrooms in studio and en-suite apartments within a courtyard setting together with management, amenity and ancillary spaces.

The site was originally occupied by the Coventry Boys and Girls Club (CBGC), a registered charity with the Charities Commission of England, and the redevelopment included construction of a new purpose-built facility for the CBGC which was completed in 2019.

Further information on the Corium brick cladding used on the development can be found here:

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